A learning portal to help teachers help children develop facts that last.

We believe that facts matter, not as an end in themselves, but as a means to free up children’s cognitive processing so they can think more deeply and flexibly about relevant mathematical problems.

Our approach is strategic, fun and efficient and targets the following fact strategies.

  • Count-Ons
  • Number Bonds to Ten
  • Think Doubles
  • Ten and Some More
  • Make Ten

Free 30-Day Trial:

Please sign up for a free trial of our browser-based portal that includes selected resources for each of the strategies above.

Teachers will have access to 100’s of resources that can be introduced as whole-class, small group or independent activities.

  • Short videos for teacher’s professional development.
  • Engaging stories that provide contexts for children to see patterns, construct relationships and build number intuition that is translated into fact strategies.
  • An assortment of learning experiences to build understanding (investigations), reinforce relationships (routines) and develop mastery (games).
  • Carefully crafted number strings.
  • User-friendly visual tools, including rekenreks and ten-frames.
  • Digital games for teacher demonstration and learning stations.

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